the what:

Sketch Swap is a collaborative drawing project. It's designed as a set of guidelines, so that anyone can take part.

the why:

At its core, the process is about fostering connection and community. The questions are chosen to create a space for vulnerability, reflection, and a little bit of humor.

The "rules:"

Chat with creative folks about who they are, what they make, and how they do it. Everyone gets the same three questions. Draw together and swap the sketches at the end. Tell their stories.

The Questions:

What is your spirit fruit? 

What are three words to describe your creative practice?  

What has been challenging and rewarding about pursuing your creative practice?

the how:

Anyone can do this project with strangers, acquaintances, old friends, and everyone in between. (Pro tip: this is a great way to hang out with someone you think is neat.)

How you tell their story is up to you. Get creative: Instagram, a blog, the next great novel, or an interpretive dance are all encouraged mediums.

Sharing on social media? Make sure to tag #sketchswapproject so it can be part of the bigger project.

the who:

Sketch Swap was started by Hannah Perrine Mode, an artist and designer based in Oakland. She's been doing a drawing-a-day since May 2013, she hosts a monthly storytelling night in the Bay, and is currently pursuing an MFA in Studio Art at Mills College.

Get in Touch:

Say hey and send Hannah an email at